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Time viewer market

360 degrees endless rotatable time viewer showing the medieval market and the current time in overlay. The 3D scenery modeling is based …

Panorama De Swaef

Large panorama showing the defensive structures and navy forces in front of Bergen op Zoom. Multiple areas highlight additional background information.


Enter the exhibition Mainport Live with a personal card. Visitors take a picture off themsleves and scan their ticket to get a …

Love de Maas

Send an ecard from the exhibition Love the Maas. Simple and easy tool for gathering list of visitors for future events.

Water well Bosch

Discovering medieval tools hidden in a water well. Each tool can be highlighted with a spot and animation.

Gielissen entrance

Enter a new world for this expo company. In the entrance visitors play with several basic tracking elements, bringing it’s house style …

AR bodyscanner

First experiments on using AR and difference keying for combining video footage.  


VJ work for multiple events and exhibitions. Using a library of footage made from scratch from analog experiments, combined with real time …


Take a photo of yourself in a 19th century cityscape and take a postcard as souvenir.

Haunted highway

Art installation for Dutch Design Week where players can drive through the city and help a drunk driver getting home. Obstacles like …